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Commercial Security Systems

When it comes to protecting your business from burglaries a commercial alarm system is essential. Regardless of the industry your are in such as, industrial, retail, manufacturing, offices, warehouses, education and healthcare, the will all benefit from commercial security systems, some of which are able to cover 1000’s of square feet ensuring your whole business is well safeguarded and protected.

Here at Goliath Security & Electrical we are able to offer a huge range of security systems for all types of businesses and premises. Ranging from surveillance and alarms to access control. The best way to ensure the ultimate protection for your business is to combine a variety of commercial security solutions to not only make it difficult for a burglar to enter your building but also to deter them from wanting to in the first place.

Different Commercial Security Solutions

As a business or property owner it should be a top priority to have a commercial security system installed. And to achieve the best level of security it is worth combining different security systems to work alongside each other to both protect your business from burglaries and deter burglars from the premises.

Below you will find some of the commercial security systems that you can have installed to enhance the overall security of your business.

Access Control – Allows you to keep an eye on who is going where within your business.

  • CCTV- This allows you to monitor activity at your business premise 24/7, even remotely so you can still see what’s happening when you’re not there.

  • Physical Security – Such as heavy-duty protection for doors and windows.

  • Fog Security Systems – Fog systems will almost certainly stop any intruder from progressing any further through your business and carrying out a crime.

  • Smart Water – This is a good deterrent if clearly displayed that it is in use, and if it does not work as a deterrent it can go a long way to the safe return of any stolen goods.

  • Biometric – This is a security measure that uses your unique body make-up to control the security.

The commercial security alarms that we use here at Goliath Security & Electrical give you the choice of either a weird and/or wireless security system, the best choice for you will much depend on the level of security you require for your business.

For more information on our commercial security systems or to find out how you can have on of our security systems installed at your business then contact Goliath Security & Electrical today - 0151 662 0208

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