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5 Benefits Of Home Security Cameras

Having CCTV installed at your home can help to significantly increase the overall security of your property to help keep you and your family safe. This is why our team at Goliath Security & Electrical have put together the top 5 benefits to having home security cameras at your property.

1. Insurance Savings – When your considering having a security system installed at your property its not financial gain that is at the forefront of your mind however, it is definitely a bonus! When you take out an insurance policy the amount you have to pay is largely dependent on the security measures you have at your home, so in an insurers eyes, the more security measures you have in place such as CCVT will drastically reduce the likelihood of your property being, vandalised, damaged or broken into, this in turn makes you a lower risk of having to make a claim so this will be reflecting in how much your policy costs.

2. Visual Deterrent To Crime – Criminals see CCTV as a huge deterrent, even more so in pre meditated crimes. This means that if your home has a security camera system it is less likely to become a target helping to keep your family and belongings safe. When using CCTV at your property it is always good to display clearly that the CCTV is in use to help ward intruders away.

3. Monitor Your Property from Home or Remotely – CCTV can be set up anywhere around your home so it can be placed in blind spots that you cant see from windows so should you hear a noise you can check it out from the comfort of your home. You can also use your CCTV to see who is knocking on the door, this is particularly useful for any unexpected late-night knocks at the door and also for the elderly and vulnerable. There are also CCTV systems available that allow you to monitor your home when you’re not there.

4. Can Help Identify Criminals – CCTV isn’t only used as a preventative measure, if a crime is committed at your home the footage caught by the CCTV can be used by the police to help identify and prosecute the criminals, helping to make the streets a much safer place.

5. Require Little Maintenance – Once your CCTV has been installed it requires very little maintenance, just the occasional wipe of the lenses and maintenance checks from a professional team, will help keep your security camera system in good working order and protecting your home and family for years to come.

Our team at Goliath Security & Electrical have years of experience installing security camera systems in homes across the whole of Liverpool and surrounding areas so if your considering having CCTV installed to better protect your home and family from criminals then contact our professional team today - 0151 662 0208

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