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Access Control Liverpool

Access control solutions...

Here at Goliath Security and Electrical we provide a range of access control solutions in Liverpool for both domestic and commercial clients. Whether it is a simple coded access keypad or a more technologically advanced bio-metric access control system, Goliath have solutions to suit all security requirements and budgets.

Some of the solutions we provide include:

access control liverpool

Door Intercom Systems - which allows the user to communicate with visitors through a microphone and speaker as well as being able to remotely open the door to the visitor.

Video Systems - which allows the user to communicate via microphone and video link with the visitor.

Swipe Card Systems – Swipe card systems are a cost effective way of replacing keys, they are cheaper to reissue if a user has lost the card. The electronic access control cards allow the user to access the property through controlled doors, the cards can also be easily deactivated or barred to prevent a user gaining entry.

Bio-metric Access Control – We provide a number of bio-metric access control solutions in Liverpool which uses physical characteristics of the user to control access, for example fingerprints or iris scanning technology. Bio-metric access control is very difficult for a potential intruder to replicate the physical characteristics of a user making a highly secure access control solutions, we provide bio-metric access control solutions to both domestic and commercial clients in Liverpool.

Magnetic Card Readers – These systems allow access to users who have passed their card through a reader outside the door. The cards have a magnetic strip on the back which holds an ID and password.

Proximity Readers (RFID) – Proximity readers are usually on a key fob and allow the user to access the controlled door using the contactless fob.

Keypad Control – Keypad systems simply have a keypad that a code must be entered into for the user to gain entry to the controlled door.

These are but a few of the access control solutions we provide in Liverpool, if you are interested in having access control fitted on your property or would like some advice on our access control products and services contact your local Liverpool based technical access control engineer on 0151 662 0208

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